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Note: This is a prototype and is unfinished. The primary purpose is to give a glimpse at the game and hopefully generate interest to aid in the Greenlight campaign when it starts.

Tales of a Spymaster is a turn based strategy game taking place within a fictional medieval land. Within these lands there are 8 separate kingdoms vying for control. You take on the role of the kingdom Spymaster for whichever kingdom you have selected. Players will have to separate the truths from the lies about what is going on in the kingdoms based on reports. A King/Queen can only act upon what information they have, it is your duty to supply this information each turn.

So what is different about Tales of a Spymaster? Well first of all, the player is not the King/Queen, they are the Spymaster. Their duty is to advise the AI controlled ruler on what to do, whether it is to attack somewhere, defend, improve relations, etc. If the player and the ruler have a good relationship then the ruler is likely to listen to the player, if the player gives too much bad information, then the ruler may listen to their council members, who could be under the influence of another Spymaster. You may ask, how would a player give bad information. Well a Spymaster from another kingdom may be the source of a report you are acting on. Advising based on these fake reports with affect your relationship. Information is power and it is the player's job to get the right information for the ruler.

To obtain information, players must build up a spy network within the lands and properly use their agents. Brothels, Inns, Taverns are all places where people might obtain information, so you must construct these throughout the kingdom. But getting information is not all the player must do, the player must plant false information in opposing kingdoms to interfere with their development. For example: You may organize the assassination of a member of an opposing kingdom nobility and leave evidence incriminating another kingdom in an attempt to trigger war.

Tales of a Spymaster will also use complex population growth algorithms taking into account age, gender and people away at war. A feudal society would call upon its people with conscription to form their armies. A loss in battle could be far more costly in the long run as it will mean population growth will shrink due to reduced males of appropriate age. Advising your ruler to go to war should be a last resort.

In order to be victorious in a game, a player must guide your chosen kingdom to control all the lands. Can you help your King/Queen to this goal? Only time will tell..

Game features:

  • Both Single Player and up to 8 player in multiplayer in the final product.
  • Support for English, Google translate included for: French, German, Portuguese and Russian.
  • Over 200+ conquerable locations.
  • Determine the truths and lies of what is going on in the kingdoms and advise your king/queen based on the information you have at hand.
  • Compete with the council for the trust of your king/queen.
  • Plant information for opposing Spymasters to have to deal with.
  • Use agents to perform sabotage, assassination, theft, smuggling, etc.
  • Advise the King/Queen to attack, defend, improve relations, invest, etc.

Install instructions

  • Unzip the Windows.zip file.
  • Launch ToaS.exe within the extracted folder.


Windows.zip 85 MB

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